Alttp, useful OoB for the no EG category

I recomand to practice OoB stuff on emulator with save state, because when you fail, you can softlock the game or get stuck.

This page contains links to movie files for snes9x 1.51-rerecording.

Using the Lua script that displays the Link position is also very useful when you play the movies or try OoB, this way you will know exactly where you should be, or how many pixel you have to move. lua script

There is usually many ways to achieve the same goal, some are easier but can be slower, choose the one that suits you. Be careful some ways can be marked as easy when the initial way to enter OoB isn't, easy can mean reliable because there is not a particular starting point or you can't get stuck/fail

There are many ways to start going OoB :
Hold sword charge then left/right+A many time to enter an edge. it's quite easy since you can release the spin to buffer some direction during it.
Alternate a Diag + A (like >v + a then >^ + a , then >v + a..), not that easy on a real controler.
Use the weird superspeed state with the hookdash or spin+a. Very easy with the hookshot, not really without

Death Montain Ascend (DMA)

The purpose of DMA is to go to death montain without the gloves.

Way 1  : with basic rigth + A, Start at ypos 35 (27 work too), go to the xpos : 157 (165),  then hit v> (you can do it while releasing the spin), move up a little then right to enter death montain. Make the camera scroll by alternate Up then Down, you want to see Link entering the cave (at the top of the screen), else you will have a very slow screen transition.

dma start
I use the 1 pixel hole with the grass
dma stop
1 pixel link feet shadow goes out the edge shadow

Way 2 :

Entering Hera

Entering hera can be very painful because of the falling boulders

Way 1 : (Need to be filled)

Way 2 : It's quite easy because that doesn't require to be on a specific location.You can use the super speed state to enter the border of the cliff. Just get the state, hold >v until you go though, then >,  after you fall, press right, then up, then you can enter in Hera

Going to Pod

Movie 1 : For going to pod, it's quite easy. Fall off a corner to be in the dark zone (work with holding sword, dash+right), go down at some point (use the "block" to align yourself), then left+down to fall a first time on the water (that load properly the right part of the map), then up+right and hold right to fakeflip to the right screen. Get out the water.
Dashing to the tree give you the right y pos (163) , go in the corner until xpos 190, then right+down, fall down, then right when you are on the next screen

clip to pod
I like the see the 1 dark brown pixel under link left arm

Thieve's jump

There are many ways to go from the death montain zone to sanctuary zone (they work both in darkworld and lightworld)

Movie 1 : the movie do not show a really safe way (it's easy to fall on the wrong position). The point is going on ypos 205 or 206 then fall. This can be achieved with sword holding and left+a


The arrow try to show a 2 pixel "square" with edge shadow and link shadow


Entering Ganon's Tower

Easiest way : This way to enter ganon's is really easy, you can't really fail it (just don't forget to go right after falling). The initial dash give you the proper y position (168), then face down without moving by starting a dash, hold your sword, hookdash, go left until you can't, press right+down, then right after falling, then up.

Early Tempered

If you use the mirror the last frame you jump of edge you can gain 2 pixel in it. early tempered purpose is to reach the frog without the titan mitt

Basicly it's 3 mirror jump to reach the ladder then a final jump to be able to reach the frog

The first movie show the method with 4 jump : movie1
You can reach the ladder without doing 3 mirror jump, but it's slower : movie2

If you go for select buffering, you need to reach the first frame Link get back in stand still position (be careful, there is 2 frame of it, the second one is too late)

Kiki Skip

Kiki skip is a weird EG like teleport, but it's not EG (you don't go on the EG layer), you can TP from a cave in death montain to Palace of darkness.



You can change your route according to what you want trick you want to add. parenthesis are additional safeties you can add

Initial easy route

(Take sanct heart)
Rupees chest
S+Q Sanctuary
Clip to Hera
Moon Pearl
Go to Pod by clipping
Hammer (bottom jump recomanded)
DMD to thieve's
300 rupees chest
(Miror to get bottle and net)
Tittan mitt
300 rupees chest
enter cave after the whirlpool to walk/dash on water
Clip to GTower
(Catch fairy)

With early tempered

Get 210 rupees in Pod
Get the 300 rupees in the cave on the way to fakeflippers

with kiki skip

Go for kikiskip before the moon pearl