The Legend of Zelda: A link to the past

Welcome to this guide that explain the current speedrun route for TLoZ : alttp. It includes alternate safe strats for beginners like taking bottles + net for having a backup fairy or the magic powder. You will find some explanation of the tricks/glitches along the way. You will not find strat for all the rooms of a dungeon, you will have to watch some real runs for that.

Table of content

Generals information

Alttp is not really an easy game to learn, it's quite long and there is not really long cutscene where you can rest like in Ocarina of Time or another RPG. The game is also hard, small mistakes can cost you a lot of time, the enemies hit quite hard in the last dungeons.

The game is not really RNG heavy, all enemies spawn at the same position every time, but their movments can change everytime. Nearly all bosses have random patterns, some can be manipulated, some you will have to deal with it.

When you want to learn a dungeon, it's generaly a good idea to try it before watching a run. Lift every pot, try to kill the enemies, see how the enemies are moving. This will help you find strat that suit you for some rooms, and you will learn recovery route if you are missing something (too low on arrows, bombs, hearts..)

Try to watch different runs, marathon's run are a good start since there is some commentary that will help you understanding some trick or boss kills. Watching different runners (even people that aren't very good) can give you multiple choice for passing a room, you will probably find a strat that suits you. Don't try to use all the strat the WR holder do, nearly every room are frame/pixel perfect and you will not be able to reproduce it without spending a very large amount of time training for it.

When you train a dungeon, do it a lot of times, RNG can change how you will do a room (Castle escape is a good example)

The first japanese version of the game is used because of some glitches that save time/are cool. Search for "Zelda no Densetsu - Kamigami no Triforce" 1.0.

For timing, there are two majors differents timing :  SRL timing and SDA timing. SRL timing starts on the file selection, because it's more suited for races. SDA timing starts when Link get out the bed, it reflect the SDA rule for timing when the run start on the first input of gameplay. There is a 27.23-27.5 sec difference between this two timing.
The time ends where you leave the ganon's fight room and enter the Triforce room.

The route in a nutshell

The route for any% no save and quit, no out of bounds is like the full completion of the game for a casual gamer, since you need to collect all pendants in the light world, then all the crystals to progress through the game. The light world is in normal order because you need an item from a dungeon to acces the next one, for the dark world the order is not really the same since some trick allow us to by-pass the need for an item (like hookshot in icepalace) or some dungeon doesn't really need an item from the previous one, like thieves's town only need the hammer and it's the fourth dungeon.

Additional safe strat

Before detailing the whole route. It's good to know you can pick up additionals items to make your life easier and enjoying some full run before really master everything in the game. It will make you lose time (generaly around 1-2 min) but it's really nothing comparing to dieing in certain point in the game or just comparing sloppy executiong vs perfect execution. 1:40 is already a good run, and the WR is 1:2x so you will have plenty of thing to improve before dropping those additional strat. Some good runner still use some of these strat in race, because you can loose like 3-5 min dieing on the bosses in the darkworld.

Bottle + Net

You can grab a bottle and the net in kokori's village. It's the most obvious safe strat, you can store a fairy this way so you will have a “second” life. You can grab this before going to desert palace or Tower of hera if you really need one early, or before going to Thieves' town.

Bottle and net houseBottleNet

The most general usefull fearies spots are near Link's house (the map on the left) and at the north of kakari's village in the dark world. Other spots will be presented in the detailed route section. You can itemdash (see glitches) with the net to catch fairies in trees/rocks.

Magic Powder

Maybe you don't know, but the Magic Powder can transform anti-fairy into.. fairy. Since there is plenty of anti-fairy in the dark world dungeon, this can be very useful if you are missing health or you want to catch a fairy. It's quite fast to pick up

antifairy antifairy

On your road to the Master Sword, grab the mushroom, after getting the bird for the flute, go to the witch house, equip the mushroom and use it near her. Get out the map, then go in the house and grab the magic powder

MushroomWitchMagic powder

½ magic

If you take the magic powder before tempered you can grab the ½ magic when going for the tempered sword. Why taking this? Basically two boss can't be kill if you miss some rod's shot. For kholdstare (the ice palace boss) you can't miss a single shot, otherwise you will have to redo the whole dungeon again, For Trinexx if you miss more than 3-4 rod's shot, it's the same, you have to redo the path to the boss.

On the right of the smithes house there is a hole where you will find an altair, use the magic powder on it, a bat will appear and give you the 1/2 magic


Red mail upgrade

You can get the redmail upgrade in ganon's tower, it really worth it when you really don't master the dungeon and the ganon's fight. With the red mail you can only loose 1 heart for everything in the tower and Ganon's attack only cost you 2 hearts instead of 4.

After grabbing the boss's key, go back in the Armos refight room, go to left then up and you will find the chest.

red mail

Golden sword and Silver arrows

Silver arrows are the normal way to defeat Ganon. You can get them if you are not confortable with killing Ganon with only tempered spin or timing the lighting of the left torch. Also it's the same way to get the Golden Sword that will speed up Trinexx a bit and the Ganon's fight.

After beating misery mire, you can buy the redbomb in the house that replace Link's house in the darkworld, it cost 100 rupees. Move the bomb to the crack in the pyramid, don't dash, don't fall of ledge, the fastest way to go to the pyramid is mirroring outside the house, then walking to the teleport in hyrule castle gate.
red bomb  pyramid

Throw your sword then you bow, you will meet the Queen of Fairy (aka Fat Fairy), . You will get the golden sword and the silver arrow


Detailed route

Hyrule castle

This section if pretty boring in term of gameplay possibility, you can't dash, you only get the boomerang. The main optimisation on this section is the way you move like doing wall/air pumping, having the right input in doors... RNG are a major part in time lost/gain here. The snakes and rats can make your life a hell when they want to block your way.

The first key guard is generaly killed with a charged attack where he take several hit due to the spin doing like 2-3 turns around Link.

The trick for killing the guard in the boomerang room is poking the guard with the charged sword then release the spin, he will take damage from the initial poke and the spin, don't release too late or you will not be able to do the spin attack.

For the masse guard (or the big key guard, whatever you call him), there is many posibilities, like spaming/timing sword's slashes to stun lock him, or throw a pot at him then finish with the sword, sadely the boomerang stun him for a very short time, but it can be used to stop his attacking animation.

You can skip the first Zelda's dialog when entering the final room by going directly to the right when existing the door.

Estern Palace

Road to estern

Making your way to eastern is quite easy, just avoid taking damage, you will need some hearts for the major skip in this dungeon, and grabbing heart on the way cost some time (not that many). Alternate left and right when climbing stair while holding up, Link will move faster.

The dungeon

For the room with the 4 stalfos (skeletons) that you must kill to open the door, there is a trick, they will spawn depending where you walk on the room, you can make the game only spawn 3 or 2. You want to spawn only two of them and kill them with the pots in the room. Watch a run or play with the room to find how to only have 2. It's not a frame/pixel trick, it's easy to figure it yourself
stalfos room

Don't forget to grab some arrows on you way accross the dungeon.

For the big key room, the slow way is to kill everything in the room so the anti-fairy will move from the switch. The fast way is to get hit by something , grab the pot and activate the switch when the invunerabily ends. You can use the first enemy in the room for to get the damage boost, it will cost you only 1 heart and half, or if you are not confortable enought with that, go between the stair and the anti-fairy, get the damage from the anti-fairy (you will be push back, but the stair will block you from going too far), but it will cost you 2 hearts.


Try to finish the dungeon with at least 4 rupees, this shouldn't be a problem with the last room before Armos where you spin attack the 6 popos.

The boss

Try to enter the boss fight with 25-30 arrows, you only need 18 when you have no trouble with the fight, but more arrow is always good.
Armos is an easy fight, find a good spot in the room and shoot arrows to them. You want to kill the last two at nearly the same time to avoid the second phase of the fight. Each one take 3 arrows to be killed, if you hit the second phase the red Armos will have his HP restored but It take also only 3 arrows to be killed.

Desert Palace

Road to desert

First go grab the pegasus boots in Sahasrahla's house. Grab the rupees and the bombs in the "secret" room.

The road to desert is mainly learning how to use the dash and stop it at the good time. You can use the spin superspeed trick on two spots on your way to desert palace (see the superspeed tricks section). First when leaving Sahara's house and after grabbing the book.

You can use the pause menu to help you stop a dash that can be tricky, like the one to go to the stone that open desert palace, use that only if you have to change item, in this case equiping the book.

The dungeon

The dungeon is like the way for it, dash, dash and dash. There is not much to say about it, get the big key, get the big chest, go kill the boss. Don't forget to grab arrows on you way.

You can do your first keydashes in the second section of the dungeon.
Keydash work this way : you move 4 pixels per frame when you dash, you unlock a door in front of it, not when walking in. So you need that on of the 4th pixel of the dash movement be the one that trigger the door to unlock and not the bonk movement. (see keydash in the trick section for a more detailed explanation)
Usualy we use something in the room to align ourself because the game have sprite size that are a multiple of 2 or 4 and the rooms are agenced properly.
For example for the closed door in the long bearmers room, dash near the right torch (let the game realign your dash) and it will work, because the realignment will reset the dash movement.

torch keydashtorchkeydash

The boss

Lanmolas is easy to defeat, but not easy to defeat fast. The first spawns spot will alway be the same, so you can bomb them to have an extra damage gain. Sadly the rest of the fight is random, you can't predict where they will spawn, where they will move and how much time they will stay out.

Kill them with arrows is the fastest way, they only take 4 arrows each to be killed. You can spin attack or sword slash the last for saving some arrows (useful in agahnim's tower). Try to be close to where one spawn and start shooting just before he goes out.

You will have to practice them a lot to get low cycle without relying on luck. If you use bombs you want to time them so the first will hit the first two worms and the second bomb the third and probably another worm, the timing is quite tight to be able to use arrow just after placing the second bomb.


Tower of Hera

The road

You have two ways to go the Hera, the safe/easy way is to get back to hyrule castle. The fastest way is to use the FakeFlipper glitch (see the fakeflippers tricks section), basicly you can trick the game in believing you have the flippers. For that you need to go in deep water and entering a screen transition just after. The drawback of this is, you can softlock the game if you get hit when you are in the water. Since it's not a mandatory glitch to finish the run you, feel free to skip it.

You can't dash while escorting the old man to this cave

Tower of Hera is the worst part RNG wise, you can get kill by the falling boulders before entering the dungeon, squirrels can stuck you.. The old man can heal you or you can get back at his cave if you die.

There is also a use for the spin superspeed glitch, it save a bunch amount of time.. or not if boulders/squirels disagree with that.

The dungeon

The RNG is also strong in the dungeon. Minimoldorm can block you, kill you, visiting you when you are trying to do the bomb jump...

For the floating tile rooms you have many options, active the orb switch and kill the tile with sword/boomerang. Or you can active the orb switch to lower the blocking "plot" and find a way to be on them, and make them pop out, you will be invinsible as long as you stay on them (Item dash with the boomerang or a bomb work for this)

link on plot

The main skip in this dungeon is the bomb jump to the moon pearl, basicly can you use a bomb to go through holes using the bomb dammage boost.
There is many way to achieve this. The basic way is to align Link properly near the hole (charging the sword make you move slower so that help) and place the bomb, the downside of this it's you only have 2 pixels away from falling in the hole that work, you will probably fall a lot this way.
The easier way is to use the dash's bonk that move Link like 4 pixel on the y axis (verticaly) when he is in air, so you have 6 pixels away from falling to place yourself; You will need to learn the timing for dashing, but the window is quite large for that.

top bottom bomb dash
The green section is where you don't have to dash, the yellow is where you will have to dash. The second image if the farrer you can go from the hole for making the jump, You can use the top of the hat as a visual cue, wich is show by the red line. The third image is what the dash bonk look like before the bomb explode

You can hit the last orb switch before entering the moon pearl room to have access to the hearts under the pot before moldorm fight. It really help if you are low on heart.

The boss

Moldorm is often call trolldorm, because it's like all about RNG. You can fall/die without having the chance to fight him.

You can only hit his tail to damage him, his head/eyes will knock you back.

The only thing you can learn on this fight is the timing when you can hit him again. There is no magic strat, the only relativly safe strat is keeping you sword charged to avoid getting hit by the head of moldorm and falling. The fastest strat, but is not quite reliable and risky, is to hit him, and dash to him with the proper timing, hit him again if the dash doesn't hit him and repeat.


Agahnim's Tower

The road

Get the master sword after hera, then get back to hyrule castle to enter the Agahnim's Tower section. There is nothing much to say here, the dash in this section are very tight comparing to the one outside desert palace

The dungeon

Nothing particular here, if you have 12 arrows you can beat this the fastest way, 4 arrows is also good. Arrows are useful for killing the duo masse guy and the red guards.
It's not easy to go really fast in this dungeon since you have to learn strat for lot of rng pattern.

The boss

Agahnim is really easy, just spin to deflect his energy ball. You can't deflect the blue balls, you have 50% chance of getting blue balls after the first shot. having no blue balls is like 1/16 chance. The full pattern is :
first shot : always an energy ball you can reflect
3 next shot : 50% chance getting an energy ball, 50% getting blue balls
5 th shot : lighthing beam

 So yeah your time for this will only depend of the RNG after you get a good grip on the whole road and the dungeon.


Palace of Darkness

The road

Be sure to have 110 rupees, if not there is a 5 rupees on one of the tree on the way. Don't get hit while escorting Kiki else you will have to repay him.

There is a fairy to catch in one of the tree if you already have the net and a bottle. Item dash with the net to catch it.
Pod fairy

The dungeon

The dungeon hold the famous hammer bom jump trick. Before explain it, be aware that is not mandatory to complete the dungeon. The normal way to get the hammer is to grab another key to enter the room at the left, get this key in the rupees room, leave the room with 210 rupees so you can skip a 300 rupees chest later.

hammer jump

There is two ways to include to hammer jump in your way across the dungeon.
The hardest way is doing the hammer jump when entering the room from the bottom.
It's not easy since you have a very tight timing to do the hammer jump. Be sure to grab the key in the room at the left of the hammer chest if you do it this way.
The easiest way is doing the hammer jump from the top of the room, is easier because you have more time to dot it, and since you already grab rupees and a key you still can get the hammer the normal way without loosing much time if you fail the jump.

The hammer jump is a the combinaison of two pixel perfect vertical positionning. A picture is worth lot of text explanation. Use the sword visual cue, it's really the best
I am not including the picture because it's really big. You can check the trick and glitch section to have more information. One important thing, if you move a pixel too low after placing the bomb, it will look like you make it (you are going through the chest plateform) but pressing up will do nothing and you will just fall.

The turtle room before helma can be a major time lost in this dungeon, the hitbox detection for the turtle flipping is very weird. The fastet way is entering the room with you sword charged, hammer the 4 first turtles, then hammer the 2 remaining, release you spin to kill the 4 bottom turtles and kill two remaining with the hammer.
It's all about the good timing for the 2 hammer hits and a bit of not having a bad RNG (a turtle escaping))
The turtle room without the transparency layer that create the "in the dark" effect.

The boss

Helma is also a kind of heavy RNG fight, it can be a piece of cake or very painful.

I recommand learning to dodge his patterns before trying to kill him quick, because you don't know with how many heart you will have entering the fight.

The phase 1 is quite easy since he can't use fireball and his tail at the same time, just hammer his face 17 time until phase 2. Try to hit the 17th hammer hit when he is doing a tail charge or use this to despawn the fireballs

Phase 2 can be a living hell, he can shoot fireball, use this tail and dash to you at the same time. Release your spin near him, then 5-6 sword slashes should kill him.

The fastest way to kill him in the second phase is using the hammer, but is really risky since you have to be really close to him as show on the picture bellow. This way you will need 3 hammer hits + 1 spin or 4 hammer hits

hammer helma

Thieve's town

The road

There is quite a lot of thing to do on your way to thieve's town, especialy if you have choosen to take some additional items for safety.

First go to the wood where the flute guy is, talk to him in the dark world to get the shovel, then mirror and get the flute. Go to kakariko village to get the bird, if you need to take bottle and net, take them before using the flute to get the bird. After getting the bird you can get the magic powder if you need it.

Get back in the darkworld from the north of the village, you can take a fairy in the screen at the north east of the village in the darkworld.

The dungeon

Nothing much to say here for the dungeon, only one room is worth mentioning. It's the hellway, it's the long room with many enemies and the moving floor, you only have one position to cross the room with a single dash, but you also need the good RNG.


The boss

This boss is the only boss with artmos where there is no RNG, blind will do the same thing if you do the same thing in the fight, you need to hit him 3 time each phase to kill him. If you have to refight blind, try to wait until he go down, the refight isn't easy since he is very close to the north wall. The fastest way to kill him is keeping him in the top of the room and hit him as soon as possible.


Skull woods

The road

Before going to skull woods, you must temper your sword, on your way south don't forget to take the 300 rupees chest in the house where you have to bomb the entrance.

Go south of the village, talk to the frog, and bring him back to his house. Mirror on front the house, enter to let the NPC go to his friends, get out the house, get back in, talk to the smith, get out, get back in the warp. You can mirror inside the house to get directly in the entrance of the house, talk to the smith to get the tempered sword and get back in the dark world with the warp.

Grab the other 300 rupees chest if you need it on your way to the north of the village.

The dungeon

Skull woods isn't really a dungeon, it's more a couple of room connected with the outside. As always grab the big key, get the chest go to boss and you are done.

There is two major important rooms in this dungeons, aside from the big chest where you have to bomb jump (it the same as the moon pearl one).

First is the mummies room where you have to move a statue on a switch. An easy strat is to kill the two jelly fish, move the jar, kill the mummies and move the statue. The fastest way is to kill the jelly fish, move the statue with a specific pattern to manipulate where the mummies move to avoid getting hit, it require quite a bit of practice since you have to deal with the mummies RNG.

The second room is the torches one, an easy strat is to kill all the mummies with the firerod as you progress in the room, the fastest ways involve some tricky dashes/item dash, you will still need to firerod 1-2 mummies that block your way.


The boss

Mothula can be really easy or you can lost a lot of time trying to kill him. There is a bug with this fight, everytime Mothula get hit by tempered and he hit a spike, he take no damage, so if he stay a long time on the top or bottom of the room you can't really do anything, you can hit him to cancel his attack pattern and hope he move in the middle where you can damage him. If you have some magic left, you can firerod him. You need 4 swords slash to kill him

You can get a double hit with an initial dash on him, the dash itself will count as one hit and bonking on a block behind will do another hit.


Ice palace

The road

After skull wood, mirror in the light world then use the flute to go to Link's house, go to hyrule castle gate to be warped in the darkworld and make your way to grab the quake medaillon. Mirror back in the light world and get the flippers, then get back to the whirlpools that teleport you at the location of icepalace.

You can grab the magic powder if you haven't already grab it on your way to the quake medaillon. If you need fairy at this point, take one near Link's house or wait until you are in ice palace.

The dungeon

This dungeon isn't like the other, you don't grab the big key neither the big chest, we just go directly to the boss. It's because a weird bomb jump allow to skip switching block that normaly block your way if you want to do the dungeon a normal way.

First, the ice physics on alttp are really weird, it's hard to enter doors/stairs while walking on ice, you can move very fast by doing sword slashes, dashing on ice is very slow. I recomend dashing to enter door or stair to let the game align you, else you will have like 1-2 pixel where you can enter by just walking.

The icepalace bomb jump is not that hard comparing to hammer jump, but it's mandatory to finish the dungeon.

There is three horizontal positions that work, and there are different vertical positions that work after dropping the bomb depending on your horizontal position

1 2 3

For the vertical position, you can use this weird flowchart :

I personnaly use the sword and bomb's shadow, you must see a one pixel gap between the bomb shadow and your sword, that works for the three positions.


Before going in the final room just before the boss, you can pick a fairy if you need one or want to heal yourselft. when you fell with the block, go up insteed of down, then up another time and fell on the side hole,.


The boss

Kholdstare fight isn't very hard, It can be annoying if you are playing on emulator and you are streaming at the same time, when one eyes start exploding the game start lagging like crazy, it's not easy to play at something like 20 fps insteed of the 60 fps of the game.

Try to focus on the first phase, you CAN'T miss a single firerod shot, else you will have to mirror and redo the whole dungeon.

Kholdstare isn't easy to defeat very fast, but I recomend to practice the quick kill even you can't get it right everytime, that still save a lot time. The goal for the quick kill is to keep the 3 eyes together and hit the three of them at the same time,. This is done by doing an initial spin attack to move them in the top right of the room and sword slahes or pokedash to keep them in the corner.


Swamp palace

Before going to swamp, if you are going for golden sword and silver arrows, you can do misery mire before swamp, because the road to swamp is the closest one for taking those

The road

The only interesting thing about the road that lead to swamp is using the mirror to make blocks disapear. That work only in no dungeon location. Just use the mirror when the block is moving and it will disapear.
mirror1 mirror2

The dungeon

This dungeon is really easy because is supposed to be the second dungeon in the darkworld, everything only hit you for 1 heart and with the tempered sword you one shot eveything. The only thing to learn here is avoiding getting hit to not lost time. You can hammer dash in a lot of place. This place is like escape in term of optimisation, it's more about proper movment and reacting to rng, since there is no "big strat" like in ice palace.

The boss

Arghus is really easy, just grab the small clouds with the hookshot and kill them. You want to kill them before Argus do his second expanding attack.

When there is only Arghus left, 2 tempered spin will kill him.

The quickest kill, is to kill the clouds even before the first expanding attack, then on the second phase, kill him with 2 firerod shot and 1 tempered spin. Very few people (Krysstal and Jadin) can pull that off in a run, so don't worry about this crazy kill, it require a lot of practice. For killing the cloud very quick you have to hold your sword and hookdash, this will work like a poke and dash, but it's very hard.


Misery mire

The road

Before going to misery mire, you need to get the Ether medaillon to open the dungeon. Go to death montain with the flute.

On death montain ladders you can get the superspeed with a hookdash, just press Y+A when you are on the ladder, you will get the superspeed when exiting the ladder.

Some people take the icerod too before going to mire, that make the way to Turtle rock more stray forward with no item pick up, but that lost some frame on menuing. If you need a fairy it can be a good option to take that before misery mire since there is a fairy cave near the icerod.

There is a fairy that refill your live at the north east of the misery mire area, if you loose to much heart on death montain that can be a good backup since misery mire is not easy.

The dungeon

Misery mire is where the real game start, it's where a small mistake can lead you to dieing very easily. Wizzrobes and slugs do 4 hearts of damage, and you will need some heart to have an efficient kill on the boss. There is also a room where you will take 3-4 hearts of damage on purpose.

The first difficult room is the big room with 5 Wizzrobes and some popos. Idealy you want to kill all the Wizzrobes before they disapear, but it's not really easy. Mix the use of the firerod and sword beam to kill everything. The image mainly show the wizzrobes position (minus the one near the entrance).

The next interesting rooms is the 2 rooms with the 4 torches to light. When you move a block, the game let you use item through the block because the game consider the block doesn't exist while it is moving. So you can start moving the blocks and use the firerod through.


For the rest of the dungeon take care of not taking any dammage, you will need like 6 hearts on the boss.

The boss

Vitrious is not an easy fight at the first glance, the small eyes come at you repeatly dealing 4 hearts of dammage, the big eyes fires lighting beam that do 2 hearts of dammage.

First you need to get rid of all the small eyes, then you will kill Vitrious with arrows.

There is some cheesy strats when you positionne yourself on a relativly safe spot and spam sword slashes to kill the small eyes coming at you, it's very slow but kind of safe.

The quickest kill is to use the goo arround vitrious that only do 1 dammage to be able to go in the middle of the small eyes packs to release spin attacks on them. It's not that hard to learn and it's quite reliable and quick. If you don't have enought heart you can still use this strats 1-2 times and keep doing spin attack in front of the eyes. When there is 1-2 small eyes left, you can finish them with arrows.

Turtle rock

The road

Get back again in death montain, if you didn't get the icerod before mire don't forget to take it. It's not fun to notice that you forget it when you reach Trinexx :)

On the map before the dungeon map in the lightworld there is a pile of rock with a fairy. You can take it if you loose too much heart on death montain, it's not really a big time lost.

trock fairy

The dungeon

This dungeon is really hard, everything hurt you for 3-4 hearts, you really need to learn proper strat to simply not die. There is no magic trick, it's just proper execution and react the proper way to all possible RNG. For your first runs, try to focus on learning "easy strat", don't really care about wasting time grabing some extra heart. This dungeon is really far in the run, so you can be tired or have trouble maintaining a good focus and having to execute tight strat accounting that, can lead you to die easily.

I will just list all major rooms, you will have to watch runs of figure yourself strat for them.

In this room you can use the hookshot that offer invulnerability to pass through the roller. After grabbing the key there is two options : Mirror at the entrance of the dungeon, or get out the room normaly, the first one is safe, the second is only faster if you do it right.


You have to push one of the two block near the blue plot to make the chest appear. This room can be a nightmare, when the chompchomp hit you, the invulnerabily you gain after getting hit is nearly inexistant, you can easily get combo to death. There is many strat involving the cane of sumaria. Usualy we use the invulnerabily gain by getting hit by the blue plot getting out to go to the chest.

For the two room where you have to kill pokeys, you can go for spin attack or use the firerod, this 2 rooms need lot of practice to have the proper awser for each rng if you want to go fast.


You don't need the mirror shield to pass the laser to get the key, the hitbox of the laser only exist on the tip and it's lower that the sprite show. On the second image Link will never get hit. To pass the laser you will need the proper timing or you can dash trough.

You can open the door at the bottom side of this room and go out, to have a save here in the dungeon if you die. You can do that before trying the lazer skip. There is some fairies in the lightworld part of the outside.

The boss

Trinexx is quite easy comparing to other bosses, his attack pattern are really slow.

The goal is to get ride of the two elementals heads, then kill the snake when he get out his shell. Just use the right rod on the right head and 5 tempered hits will kill it. The ice head can require less hit because sometime the firerod do double dammage. With the golden sword is only 3 sword hits per head.

Switch rod before you kill the first head, you can't use the menu while a head explode.

When the snake start going after his shell explode, release a spin and try to get a double hit, then you have a little time when his hitbox is the head. A double spin hit and one sword slash kill him, else it's a simple spin then 3 sword slashes.

A fast kill on Trinexx will look like this :  kill the firehead, then the icehead, at this point Trinexx must have done only one attack with his snake head, get a double hit with a spin on his head after the shell explode and one sword slash to finish him. The best runners go behind trinexx to be sure to have only one attack from the main head, it can be done from the front but it's less reliable.


Ganon's Tower

The road

Nothing really interesting to say here, you can get the superspeed with the hookdash when going out turtle rock. You can get what we call a sword climb on Ganon's tower stairs, hold you sword and do a hookdash, you will climb the stair at normal speed.

The dungeon

I will not describe every room, and there is not really some tricks at this point of the run. This dungeon is action non stop, you have something to do everyroom, there are very few rooms where you have just something basic to do (like just dashing). You have to focus for the whole duration of the dungeon. As always watch some run. You will refight each boss of the light world.

After the Artmos refight you can grab the red mail and there is also a fairy room just before the red mail. You can get the 10 arrows in the chest at the left of the big key chest, you will need some arrow to progress through the middle section of the dungeon.

The section after the corridor with the canonballs until lanmolas refight is called the gauntlet, it's succession of room where you have to kill everything to go in the next room.
There is also a fairy room just before it.

For the lanmolas refight you can use the firerod, 2 firerod shots kill one worm, but try to keep some magic for the next rooms, especially the torch room.

On moldorm refight, one sword slash and a spin are enought to kill him

The boss

Agahnim returns to play tennis with you, but this time he bring 2 more players to mess with you.

The agahnim refight is less rng heavy than the first, just try to reflet all the energy ball, with some luck you can kill him in 2 cycles. Depending on the pattern you will have to use sword slash or spin attack.



The ganon fight have 4 phases. It's a nice long fight comparing to all other bosses in the game. I will start considering you only have tempered at this point.

The first phase he will just trow his trident at you, it's quite easy to dodge. Hit him 12 time with tempered to get the next phase

The second phase he will start making a circle of flame that will expand once, them transform into bats, it's the most annoying phase, again hit him 12 time to get the next phase.


The third phase he will start teleporting, if you hit him when he stop, he will jump and make some floor disapear, else he will trow flame at you. Hit him more that once is quite useless his HP reset each time he change phase.

The last phase begin when he talk and turn off the two torches. Then he teleport and throw some fire at your.

That where the fight became tricky, first you need to light the left torch before the right one turn off (spam the lantern is enough), this way the right torch will stay light all the time, and you will have to only relight the left one. At this point you can probably wonder how we are supposed to hit ganon without the silver arrow. You can hit ganon when he start warping again, the best way is to release spin attack at that time. Do that 12 time and that it.


The last phase is the part where you will spend most of your time learning the fight, since you need to get the proper timing for the torch, betting ganon fire and release your spin. It's also the safest one.

The fastest way to kill him is having only one first phase, you need to release a spin when he trow his trident to bounce on it, then only once second phase. Then release a spin after his final dialog, then getting a spin on him just before he turn off the left torch. And finaly use the firerod to get 3 spin between one torch relighting. Whact the WR run to understand this fast kill.

I recommend learning to get two first phase and one phase 2, having one phase 2 is easy when you can go behind him and release spins attack (only 3 double hit of a spin attack are needed). Then stick to using the lantern for the final phase.

If you have the golden sword and the silver arrow, the fight is really easy, you don't need to glitch the torch and you only need 6 hits on phase 1 and 2. 4-5 silvers arrow kill him.

Tricks and glitches

Alttp have many tricks and glitches you can do. Some of them are mandatory to complete the game with the speedrun route, some are just time saver, many are not used at all in this category, like out of bounds or exploration glitches.

Basic Movement (aka pumping)

You can think that when you move Link to the, let's say, left, the game move you the same amount of pixel every frame, this isn't not true, the game use a pixel sequence like "move 2 pixels a frame, then 1 pixel the next one, then 2, and so on". I think the purpose of this is to have a smouth movement animation.

The interresting thing with that is everytime you add an additional movement input, the sequence reset, so when the sequence movement is 2,1,2,1.. you want to avoid the 1 frame movement by spamming additional direction to always be on the start of the sequence. Obviously when the sequence is 1,2,1,2.. don't do this.

From the note of the krysstal TAS :
- Alternates 2 and 1 pixels per frame walking in a cardinal direction (N/W pumps reset the "1" speed to "2", and vice versa for S/E pumps).
This is because the N/W pattern is 2-1-2-1-repeat, and S/E pattern is 1-2-1-2-repeat.
- 1 pixel per frame (both x and y) for diagonal (on normal ground without carrying/charging).
- 2-1-1-1 N/W or 1-1-1-2 S/E for cardinal walking in thick grass/shallow water/carrying an object/charging sword.
Even slower if diagonal. Obviously, try to avoid walking through such terrain whenever possible.
- 4 pixels per frame in a dash (3 in grass/water). Takes 32 frames to start dashing.

Some proper example usage of this is :
When traveling west and you have a wall of top of you, hold left and spam up. It's wall pumping.
When traveling north west in water and it's not a perfect diagonal traveling (castle escape). It's water pumping.
While en stair/ladder, spam left and right while holding up. it's ladder/stair pumping.

Item dash

With the 1.0 version, the game allow you to press A + Y at the same frame, depending of the item you have equiped the result can be fun, very useful or very useless.
The most used Item dash are the hammer dash, firerod dash and hookdash (for super speed). Dashing with the net is also very useful when you go for botte and net strat. Just press A + Y at the same time.

Dashing with the hammer let you push the plot you need the hammer for, or destroying jar without stoping
hammer dash

Dashing with the net allow you to catch the fairy when they popout and avoid the dash bonk on rocks


Firerod and cane dash are only use to save animation time

Fake flippers

You can trick the game in believing you have the flippers when you don't have them. When jumping on deep water and entering a screen transition just after, the game let you swim in deep water, the effect ends when you get out water or take damage. You can softlock the game if you get hit during this. It's a japanese 1.0 trick only.

fake flipp2

To do this you need to positione yourselft near the screen transition, 1 or 2 pixels away from it work. hold up to fall on water and in the middle of the jump hold right, if you are 2 pixels away you will need to jump with up + right instead of just up. The following picture show you the 1 pixel away position.


You can use a good setup to do this trick easily. Show as the picture bellow. Just follow the path near the south cliff, move to the bush, cut it with your sword, hold B and press up + righ until you fall on water, then hold righ. Normaly you will be on the right position to do the fake flipper glitch.


Bomb jumping

You can get through some holes with bombs, the principle is very simple, if you take dammage from the explosion of the bomb you get push back and you ignore hole or enemies. Some bomb jump are very leniant like the one to get the moon pearl of the firerod, other requiere perfect positionement. You can use the visual cue that are suggested in this guide or make your own.

One important thing to remember when positioning yourselft, even with the charged sword :
When you move left or up, the first movement will move you for 2 pixels, right and down only 1.

Moon pearl/fire rod jump

There is many way to achieve this. The basic way is to align Link properly near the hole (charging the sword make you move slower so that help) and place the bomb, the downside of this it's you only have 2 pixels away from falling in the hole that work, you will probably fall a lot this way.
An easier way is to use the dash's bonk that move Link like 4 pixel on the y axis (verticaly) when he is in air, so you have 6 pixels away from falling to place yourself; You will need to learn the timing for dashing, but the window is quite large for that.

top bottom bomb dash
The green section is where you don't have to dash, the yellow is where you will have to dash. The second image if the farrer you can go from the hole for making the jump, You can use the top of the hat as a visual cue, wich is show by the red line. The third image is what the dash bonk look like before the bomb explode.

Hammer jump

The hammer jump requiere perfect vertical positionning. the horizontal positionning is very leniant, just don't go too far from the bomb or the chest.
There is some detailed information (proper y position, positioning without the sword..) on hammeryump.png

A good visual cue for this is the sword, you must see the two dark line that the tile on the floor do around you sword
hammer 1
For the second vertical position, you can use the fuse of the bomb and your sword, I like to see the one pixel hole between the sword and the top of the fuse.
hammer jump2

When the bomb finally explode, hold up when you are in mid air.

You can try to buffer your up and down input with the pause (select or start), since you can't really take your time.

One important thing, if you move a pixel too low after placing the bomb, it will look like you make it (you are going through the chest plateform) but pressing up will do nothing and you will just fall.

For people doing the no EG category, the basic sword is a pixel smaller on the top comparing to the master sword

Ice Palace jump

This one is mandatory in the route, the other are just time saver, you can't finish the dungeon without the hookshot at this point.

There is three horizontal positions that work, and there are different vertical positions that work after dropping the bomb depending on your horizontal position

1 2 3

For the vertical positions, you can use this weird flowchart :

I personnaly use the sword and bomb's shadow, you must see a one pixel gap between the bomb shadow and your sword, that work for the three positions.



You can dash through locked door if you have the key for it and a good positionning. To understand how this work remember Link move at 4 pixels per frame while dashing and locked doors have their unlocking trigger in front on them. Moving 4 pixels per frame mean Link will make 4 pixel step when moving, if a trigger is at a precise position and it size is 1 pixel, to active this trigger, one of Link step must occur on this precise pixel else he will miss it.

dash1 dash2
This two images represent link dashing, the second image is the frame that come just after the first, you can see the 4 pixels movement.

So when dashing, Link must trigger the unlock of the door and the door will open before colliding with it, if Link miss the trigger, he will bonk on the door and the dash's bonk will unlock the door. Look at the picture bellow that will probably make more sens.


The position aren't right (in term of in game position), but I think you will have a better view of how that work. The green path is a good path that will trigger the opening of the door so Link can pass through, the red path get pass the yellow line so that don't trigger the opening of the door before reaching it.

Luckyling you don't have to worry about positioning yourself, the rooms are generaly agenced that there is a distance between door and object in the room that are a multitple of 4. Room itself have generaly a good size.

Some examples :

You start at the y position 212 when entering this room, the trigger to unlock the door is at 48, there is 164 pixels between the entrance and the trigger, that divisible by 4, so just start your dash at the entrance and that work.

torch torchdash
Here, you can use the torch to have the proper position, let the game realign your dash


With the 1.0 version of the game you can be in a weird superspeed state, it has strange side effects, like allowing some OoB, disabling your sword... With that you can travel at dash speed.

How to do it

The way it work is entering the weird state and climbing some stair, if you take damage you will have to reenter some stairs to regain the superspeed. You can loose this state by pressing A (if you need your sword back for example).

This can be achieved in two ways :
-Item dash with the hookshot, this is very easy since item dashing is really easy.
-Charge you sword, release the charge and press A the frame just after releasing the B button. You will need some practice to get this, it's really a frame perfect trick, but frame perfect trick input aren't that hard since you can get a feeling of the timing with some practice. (You can for example slide you finger from the B button to A). If you do it on stair be sure to face up or down, else with the A input Link will try to grab something

Where to use this?

Remember : you need stairs to get the superspeed

The most common usage for the hookdash superspeed is climbimg death montain when going for Ether.

The superspeed with the spin can be used in various place in the lightworld, that doesn't save a very large amount of time (maybe 10-15 sec?)
-After leaving the pegasus boots house
-After getting the mudora's book
-Going to Hera


Maybe you have noticed but when you warp between darkworld and lightworld, sometime the animation is quite short, sometime not really. It's because when entering the warp, some x position make the warp shorter.
How that work? We don't really know, I think it's probably the wobble animation and the alignement for it, the game must try to line up something and it's faster on some position.

Quickwarp are 0.5 second shorter than normal warp (exactly 34 frames), that a total of 12.4 seconds difference over the course of the full run.

This work this way (from krysstal notesmash guide on quickwarp) :
quickwarps depend only on the x-axis (it alternates 6 bad pixels and 2 good pixels, meaning quickwarps are a 2px window sandwiched by 6px, respectively, of bad pixels).

Krysstal already done a nice guide for all good warping, you can find it here :

How to go fast

You will learn the the great secret for getting very low time on alttp : practice, practice and practice.

Then I mean practice everything, not just the tricks like bomb jumping or boss fight.

To be more precise, the game is full of things to optimise. Viewers will think that very good runner are just better at executing hard tricks and quick boss kills, wich is generally true, but you can watch, for example, a Acmlm run and see he use quite a lot of slow strat (at the moment I write this), but he still has a low 1:27, when you can see some 1:3x runners that use many more optimised strat and they are still behind.

There are many invisible things that lost/save a large amount of time over a full run.
To convince yourself consider only the first two parts of the game : Escape and Eastern palace, There is like no difficult trick (execpt Armos optimal kill and the 2 greenies room), sub 1:30 runners generaly finish Eastern around 10:40, it's already hard to get a sub 11 using the same strats. It's all the very small thing that add up, like entering door a good way, some pumping, don't doubting the succes of your action, reacting to bad RNG.

The most invisible things that you will make you lost time : The overworld, dashing, reacting badly to the RNG, doubting your success.

When you practice a section of the game it can be good to give you a really hard goal in term of time, Even you don't reach it, if you are getting close it means you are getting better and more confortable with the section. Practicing a hard strat can help you figure the room even if will not use it in a run.

You need to learn recovery strats, not getting a fast strat obviously lost time, not reacting well to that it's even worst, and loosing focus can cost you more time later.

Do you want to know more?

You will find various information on

A detailed guide for each room, very useful to became the very best

Some informations about the no EG run

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