Secret of Evermore speedrun guide compilation

SNES WR by MetaSigma : 1h19:23
Emulator WR by CrAwEk : 1h18:44
PAL version WR (lol): 1h57:05

Beginner route : Beginner guide.pdf
Expert route : Expert route.pdf
100% route : 100% route.pdf
Everything you wanted to know about the game : Secret of Evermore.xlsx
The thread on SDA forum : Thread SoE on SDA
The MetaSigma's run at SGDQ 2013

MetaSigma FAQ

Why are you reseting so much?
Meta is going for a new WR, act1 is the most RNG based part, there are lot of new risky strat, so yeah, lot of reset due to RNG (flowers, hardball dmg, magmar..)

Why do you try to be killed by flowers?
It's for skipping the first 'boss' fight, you can lost the fight and the game move on, so entering the boss screen already dead avoid the fight.

How do you do OMGWTFBBQ dammage?
It's called Atlas glitch, you stack a certain amount of buff/debuff, the game get lost and your strengh stats goes to the max value the game can handle (65k).

Why are you naked/shirtless?
Because why not? You can see the incredible Meta's Flex.

Are you a brony?
MetaSigma doesn't consider himself a brony, but he is just in the deny stage.